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Do Dogs Really Go To Heaven? (Ya Think?)



Do Dogs REALLY Go To Heaven? (Ya Think?)

I always wondered to myself, when people questioned whether or not I thought dogs went to heaven, “who IS this person I am talking to?” I considered what they must have have missed in their lifetime to question that. For me there is NO QUESTION to the (assumed) fact that dogs DO go to heaven. I believe this absolutely; I am betting that if you read this entire blog post, that you are in my camp on this one. You probably have the similar life experiences with dogs that make you a believer as I am.

My first initial response to someone who has an altered perception to that fact that dogs DO go to heaven, is to subtly, take 2 steps back!! lol I mean I certainly don’t want to catch what they have going on there. “Really?” I think, “how would we do an intervention on this one?” (nervous) lol

I am perplexed; how can they even consider that possibility? They obviously have never had a dog or at least a relationship of trust and love and compassion with one of God’s finest creatures. It has been said that a dog is truly unique in the animal kingdom. Dogs are the only animal that have the capacity to love you more than they love themselves!  After all, they are truly called Man and Woman’s’ best friend for a reason.

I think that sort of thing would fall into the category of “Unconditional LOVE” wouldn’t it? I think that is EXACTLY what that is.  Someone go look up “Unconditional Love” in a dictionary or Encyclopedia – I bet there is a picture of a dog there!

I (in hypothetical jest only), put forth the following test of unconditional love. In other words, I am just kidding to make a point here. OK? I am NOT serious. DON’T try this at home. Ever. I don’t want any calls from PETA over this discussion. lol

First, on a cool, overcast day in November, convince your spouse to get in the trunk of your car and close the trunk. Walk away for 20 minutes. Return to the car with a clipboard and pen ready to take copious notes on the events that are forthcoming. Open the trunk at exactly 20 minutes and note the specifics of the response(s). Next, once they have settled down, call your dog over and put them in the trunk. Repeat the exact same process as described above and note the responses when you open the trunk. And finally, to validate the experience and data spectrum, ask your PASTOR to get into the trunk………………

Okay, so you get my point here right? These creatures ARE the experience of unconditional love and they aren’t afraid to use it. They WILL stay with you in thick and thin; always have time to listen to your problems, situation, etc, and provide you with quiet yet substantial comfort when you need it the most. And they do all of that automatically, without needing to switch anything on or off. They are the ultimate “gamers” always at the ready for us when we need them.

So is it any surprise then that all of the proof you need to KNOW that dogs go to heaven, is to simply spell DOG backwards!!! Oh, MY DOG!!!!

In summary let me just say that it is my firm belief, based on a LOT of experience over the past 60+ years that dogs don’t just go to heaven.

It is my contention here today that dogs in fact, don’t just go to heaven, they actually GO BACK TO HEAVEN, from where they (obviously) came. And that is all I am going to say about that!!

We Are Soooooooooooo Blessed By Our Dogs!!!


Garry Dog ShotI can remember having A dog (singular) from some of my first childhood memories. A beagle or beagle cross as it were, and her name was Flicka. It always had a calming effect on me when I was tied out with her as a toddler ( Yes I WAS tied out with a harness and rope, circa 1954-56) As I grew older into adolescence, there always seemed to be a dog in the house. Never more than one mind you but pretty consistently we had a dog in our home as I remember it.

Did that shape and mold me into the mega dog lover that I am today? Not entirely, but it did get me headed down the path and opened my mind to the possibility of having more than just one dog, much more than that as it turned out. First you have to realize who I married 18 years ago.

In my first marriage, I did pretty much what I experienced as a child – we had A dog and only one dog. The we had some cats, and then litters of kittens and of course lots of cat litter!! Somehow the dog, singular, got replaced by multiple cats!

Enter my 16 year old daughter who begged and begged and begged to get her a dog for her birthday. She wore me down and we went to look at some dogs, picking pretty much the first one we saw, an adorable American Eskimo puppy. There was a sad story and so we felt kind of obligated to help her ( the dog ) and the kind woman who rescued the litter. In hindsight I will never be able to tell my daughter what a Godsend that dog was – But she already knows because she witnessed the whole epic events that followed the arrival of “Kisses” the American Eskimo.

Fast forward 3 years and I am separated from that marriage, leaving with much to my possession, the most valuable (priceless) of which was my bestie, Kisses. In the next 12 months I would meet my 2nd wife. At the time of our introduction, she had 6 dogs, 2 horses, 1 cat and a grooming shop. Oh, lets not forget a 7 year old son too. The son, Zachary, was a huge animal lover (big surprise) maybe bigger than his mother.

What a huge transition it was to get immersed into a lifestyle that literally revolved around dogs pretty much 7×24. I learned to love it as well as each dog seemed to bring something unique to the table. Sort of like the 7 dwarfs. They all looked like dogs (dwarfs) and acted like dogs (dwarfs) but each one had a different talent or attribute that made them unique. It was a paradigm shift in lifestyle and a great new perspective on my life as well. Not to mention timed perfectly, all things considered.

What I learned very quickly was to connect on all 4 legs to my canine counterparts. That is, come to their level in all things play, love, hugs and teaching/learning. Yes learning. I learned a lot from all of those dogs around me. You all pretty much know the things I am talking about too – if you weren’t a real dog person you would have never made it this far into the story. Things like unconditional love, patience, and happiness to the degree your body shakes! Spirituality, connectedness with a single dog and the pack. It goes on and on doesn’t it?

Linda introduced me pretty quickly to the world of competitive dog grooming. Seems that she has some great talent and it was recognized by many when she got a Silver Medal at the World Competition in New York City 3 years after she graduated from Pedigree Grooming Academy in Boston. I have been with her 20 years now and have gone to this Competition and Trade Show 18 times – next month will make 19. Several years ago they put us on the staff because, well, we always came and we knew what we were doing there. It is a great time and a huge learning and networking event that I look forward to attending every year.

But back to our special little place on the planet, Dream About Farm. In his book The New Earth, Eckhart Tolle talked of the immense value of watching puppies being born and the miracle of life unfolding right in front of your eyes. Talk about blessed!! We are double blessed because we KNOW we are blessed. It is indeed and honor to host these lil babies for the first 8 weeks, and for those of you who have one of our puppies/dogs, you know that I feel blessed that YOU came into our lives as well. (As I write this paragraph, a new litter is just finishing being born right beside me) These babies become part of our world, and they DO still remember me years later as well. But then they go off an become an important part of your world as well. I hear quite often the term “Best Dog Ever” and frankly that is something I always love to hear.

So it is in my little world, that I get to wake up surrounded with lil’ angels all around me – every day!! I have been guilty of posting that “in my limited experience none of the angels I have encountered had any wings at all……but they ALL had tails!! And isn’t that a fine tale to tell others.

Now it’s time for me to get back to work and kiss and hug that new momma and touch those babies for the 3rd time.

From all of us here at Dream About Farm, – Wag More & Bark Less

My Life’s Philosophy? “Must Love Dogs”


Around here there is one thing that is an absolute must; and that thing is evident to anyone who comes by our farm for a variety of reasons. That is simply, You Must Love Dogs to Live Here. You get it right away that both Linda and I absolutely love our dogs, and we love our dogs absolutely! They are part, a very big part of our family, and we breed our dogs to continue that role into your family as well.

We currently have 6 Mini Poodles, 1 Mini Golden Doodle and 2 Golden Retrievers. Not to mention the 4 Mini Poodle Pups who are just 4 weeks old and are being weaned this week. ALL, Let me repeat that part, ALL of those dogs are part of our household. They live in our home, and I don’t mean the attached garage part either. Those 4 week old pups will be introduced into the larger community at about 5 weeks, and even our Siamese cat has a responsibility to training those Mini Poodles. It a socialization skill that we develop with all of our puppies; it is our culture and creed here at Dream About Farm. That is, to make the best family pet (and member) that we possibly can.

We love our dogs and they love us. We love what we do and what we do loves us as well. That’s evident whenever you see us and any (or all) of our dogs with us. The big thing for our business is that OUR CUSTOMERS love what we do with our dogs, because they are always telling us that they have adopted the best dog they ever had.

We travel extensively with dogs in our car from shopping trips to day trips; trips to vendors, customers, and family. We drive up from North Carolina in the winter for the holidays and arrive at my daughter’s house with no less than 5 dogs – always. The grandkids always ask ahead of time “What dogs are you bringing with you this time?”

Dog’s are just a part of our lives to a large degree. The love and happiness they give to us is priceless and by extension the love and happiness environment our puppies (Mini Poodles and Mini Golden-Doodles) are raised in is transferred to the new family where they go. Our customers really do become part of our family by extension.

All in all, we live a very happy and fulfilling experience because of the love and affection we are showered with each and every day. There is an old saying about the unconditional love that a dog brings to their owners, and that’s why DOG is GOD spelled backwards. I can’t think of a better way for me to live my daily existence now that I have been with my dogs for so many years. If I could only teach them to speak, I bet they would tell me volumes of some great philosophical concepts for being so happy all the time. I’m going to be working on that in the coming months. Stay tuned in for further developments.

In the meantime, if you are looking to get an awesome Mini-Poodle or Mini Golden-Doodle puppy, raised on TLC, do drop us a line and we’ll talk about the love of dogs; Its one of my favorite subjects.


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