About Us

Dream About Farms offer pet services, dog breeding, pet products, and groomer training...


Our Story

Dream About Farm started in 2001 as a small hill side farm located just south of Woodstock Vermont. Garry & Linda Carlson and son Zachary, lived there, as it is a peaceful and serene location, ideal for breeding both horses and dogs. Except for the winter season(s) which can be very, very cold.  In 2006, we purchased a winter farm in North Carolina where we could continue our breeding and training operations with our Mini Poodles and Mini-GoldenDoodles. 


Now 10 years later we have moved permanently to the small flat 5 acre farm located in the Sandhills of North Carolina where we have our entire breeding operation without the cold harsh months in Vermont between November and May.  It is infinitely easier to breed, raise and train our puppies here, in the warmer climate.  Have no doubts about the fact that we have a strong presence in the Northeast and New England, and over 65% of our puppies are adopted to people who are either related to, live near, or who have met one of our owners and their best dog ever.  We make several trips each year to meet up and deliver puppies to people throughout the Northeast and New England.



How we do it

Dream About Farm is a small family run operation. We consider ourselves a “Micro-Breedery” as we only do small batches of puppies. We simply cannot make them fast enough it seems, nor will we even try to make them fast enough!  We strive for Quality over Quantity, and that is one of the reasons why we have an extended waiting/reservation list. This culture and philosophy allows us to maximize our imprinting on the animals and for us to establish a thorough human-animal connection.


Our results are evident in the animals that we bred. We constantly get comments that “This is the best dog I have ever had”,  How did you do so much training in just 8 weeks?” or a host of other complimentary comments about the dogs behavior, eye contact, intelligence, and socialization skills. Simply put, our extraordinary animals are an extension of our family unit, and are treated as such, from the day they are born! Much the way you will be treating your new puppy.


Get in touch

We are convinced by our past experience, that you will be thoroughly delighted with your pet produced at Dream About Farm.  So come in and look around at what we have done and what is available at this time.  Please call us directly at 910-947-2950 to find out what we have and what we are expecting.  We love to talk about one of our favorite subjects; Our Mini Poodles and Mini Golden Doodles.

We also offer pet grooming (mostly dog grooming) in Pinehurst, NC  and the surrounding area. Come see why our grooming is what most people only dream about!!


Phone: 910-947-2950
Email: Garry@dreamaboutfarm.com