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Our Mini Poodles are well received by our clients because of what we do BEFORE they go home to you.

Our dogs are NOT housed away from our primary home for their first 8 weeks- They are ALL family members inside of our home! AND that is just the BEGINNING!!

Below are pictures of our LAST LITTERS whelped in October 2011 and April 2012.

Our next 2 litters are due in Mid-September and again in November, and we are still taking  deposits for them.  Please email/call if interested in learning more.

If you are looking to get the BEST trained and lovable mini-poodle member for your family, here is your BEST opportunity.  Don’t miss this.

Just a note – At Dream About Farm we not only have BOTH parents on the premises, FULL TIME, but also the Grandparents and Great Grandmother as well.  Call us for more interesting facts on why a Dream About Puppy is the best puppy you can buy today or ANY day.  Thanks for looking!

Below are some pictures of  our past 2 litters, whelped in April 12′ and October 11′ .  We have more pictures if your are interested.

Please call if you have any questions

802-457-1575 ** 910-603-1789 ** OR 802-457-1421 (Cell)


'Barnum', on the right, is still available as of June 20th



Brownie, aka Andy now resides in Pinehurst NC

Maxwell, aka, Fraizer now lives in Raleigh, NC

BJ, aka, Spanky now lives in Raleigh NC

Gandalf, aka, Scout now lives in Newton, MA



You may come and PICKUP your new puppy, where we are currently settled (NC or VT) Please be aware that we DO NOT FLY our animals, but arrangements can be made to deliver them and/or meet you for a drop off.  Generally this is less expensive than flying them (Ranges from $100-$400), and most importantly, far less stressful on our pups.  We are very eager to have them arrive in the best possible spirits, which we achieve by holding to this standard.  This also gives us both a chance to meet as well, which we and our extended family members all appreciated.  (Some long distance restrictions apply)

Each litter is whelped under our careful eyes, INSIDE our home.  Each puppy is held, nurtured and stroked within minutes of their birth.  This is a procedure/philosophy we learned from our horse breeding called imprinting.  Our puppies get a feel and bond for the human connection immediately, and that connection is grown and developed everyday until they go home to you.

We breed our dogs to be fully functioning FAMILY MEMBERS who earn their 1st place rating in your heart everyday – That’s their job and is proof that we have done our job too.

Again, please call if interested or if you have questions.

802-457-1575 AND 802-457-1421 (Cell)

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