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Our Mini Golden-Doodle dogs are well received by our clients because of what we do BEFORE they go home to you.   Here are some reasons why:

  1. Our dogs are NOT housed away from our primary home for their first 8 weeks- They are ALL family members inside of our home! AND that is just the BEGINNING!!
  2. We have a unique process for teaching the fundamentals of housebreaking (book forthcoming about this subject called “My Housebreaking Rules” ) that will greatly reduce the work and stress you’ll have to teach the final chapter of the course! 
  3. We have puppies that know how to socialize with other dogs respectfully, as well as other animals. 
  4. We also teach them some fundamentals of crate training as well, doing some important work that also reduces your stress level and making your job ultimately easier when transitioning the puppy from our home to yours.

Past F1 pupies

F1 – White Female – Living in Wellesley MA

F1 – Phantom Male – Living in Needham, MA

F1 – Tan Female – Living in Burlington, VT

F1 – Cream Female – Living in Pinehurst, NC

F1 – Phantom Female – Living in Nahant, MA

F1 – White Male -Living in Rock Tavern, NY

F1 – Tan Female – Living in Needham, MA

F1 – Golden Male – Living in  Chapel Hill, NC

Past F1B puppies

F1B – Tan Phantom Male – Living in Concord, MA

F1B Male – Phantom – Now living in Quincy, MA

F1B – Female – Black (petite) – Now living in Dorchester, MA


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